Brian Jordan, former NFL and MLB

"Barkley's Baseball Camp is committed to focusing on life skills, baseball skills, and spirituality to help youth enjoy the game of baseball. Stressing faith in God during the camp is key to developing strong student athletes and potential future professional athletes. With over 50 years of experience between them, Matt and Jeff Barkley have built an incredible team that is faith based and committed to youth learning the fundamentals of baseball and softball. I thank Matt and Jeff for allowing me to be apart of their program in 2015."

Jorge Caro, former professional baseball player

"I fully recommend Barkley's Baseball Camp to any parent who would like their child to learn to play the game the right way! I was privileged to work alongside Jeff and Matt Barkley, who bring over 50 years of experience in the sport, both as accomplished players as well as coaches and instructors. They have a passion to instill in our youth the principles that make for a successful baseball athlete both on and off the field. More important, they live a life committed to their Christian faith, and they shower every boy and girl with Christ's love throughout the entire camp. Barkley's Baseball Camp is a truly unique experience, and both kids and parents alike walk away from it, not only better equipped as future star athletes, but also as future community leaders!"

Mark Seamon, Hickory Crawdads manager

"We have had a partnership with Matt Barkley and Barkley Baseball for the past 3 years. It has been a wonderful relationship. Matt and his instructors are excellent teachers of the game, do a great job interacting with the kids and keep them all active through out the camp. Even more important to us, is everyone involved with Barkley Baseball is an outstanding role model both on and off the field. We look forward to working with Matt and Barkley Baseball for years to come.”

Kenny Story, Assistant Director Lenoir Parks and Recreation Department

"Over the last couple of years we have had the privilege of having Barkley Baseball School doing camps for us and it has been a great relationship. I have known Matt and Jeff Barkley for many years and also had the privilege of playing with and against Jeff. Barkley Baseball camps are one of the best that any child could attend. The Christian faith along with the experience and passion these guys have for the game is outstanding. The camps are unique because it not only teaches the kids the game; it gives them a better outlook on life. Matt and Jeff’s Christian faith has inspired a lot of boys and girls as well as their parents throughout these camps. This is one thing I truly enjoy about Barkley Baseball. I would recommend Barkley Baseball to any parent who would like for their child to learn the game the right way."

Ben Rowe, Pastor and former Lenoir Ryne college pitcher

"There were not many options for baseball camps / schools in the years Jeff and I grew up. Now parents have many options to help young athletes begin developing critical knowledge and fundamental skills. There are other baseball camps out there. However, the Barkley’s camp uniquely brings the love of the game together with the love of Christ and living the Christian life. Being exceptional baseball players themselves, as well as great Christian men, it’s great to see how these guys are displaying both through their camps.
As Christians, we are not called to segregate our lives, doing baseball one day and being Christian the next. We are to let our faith infiltrate all areas of our lives, even how we participate in sports. That’s what the Barkley’s are trying to teach, and that’s why I can recommend them to you. Knowing Jeff and Matt from my childhood, I can testify of their integrity and strong commitment to excel in the skills of baseball and in their walk with the Lord."

Christa Roseberry

"My son had not played baseball until this year and honestly he hated practice and the games. But I had signed him up for the baseball camp you all did at Easter and he loved it and could not wait to do the one the past week and he loved it as well. As a parent I was so excited about the overall all spiritual message that was constantly reinforced. We homeschool and so we are very picky about who is influencing our kids and we appreciate when others “reinforce” what is being taught at home. Sports are such as great way to weave some challenging Christian principles with physical development as well. As a professional, a physical therapist and athletic trainer, I was very nervous about the pitching aspect of the game- what would be taught, how, how much, etc... I have worked everything from kid levels to the Triple A and am keenly aware of how, especially in the little leagues and often high school, kids are pushed to pitch WAY too much, with poor mechanics, not enough rest, and throwing pitches that the musculoskeletal system is not developmentally ready for. My son clearly had the message reinforced that the majority of the throwing motion comes from the scapula, trunk and legs, not the arm. Biomechanically, I was very pleased with the instruction he received. I know I am a biased mom, but Landon is a good kid, a decent athlete, very coachable, congenial and works hard. I have watched him sit the majority of the time on the bench (in several sports) because he did not run in the “popular” crowd. So, when Landon was one of the recipients of the Down and Dirty Award, he was ecstatic. He needed that. His dad and I have always felt, that if politics were set aside, and Landon was given a “fair shot” he would stand out and excel. This past week did a lot for Landon, not only as skill development, but spiritual refreshment as well. Thank you. We will be back!"

David Ledbetter, Pitcher in the Texas Rangers organization

"I had the privilege of working alongside Jeff and Matt as a player for the Hickory Crawdads. I expected it to be just like any other camp - for $20 you can send your child to a daycare on the field! But it wasn't that. It was an investment in the kids, coaches, and even the parents. Matt and Jeff are worried beyond results on the field. Health is what keeps you on the field in the first place, but even beyond that - your spiritual life. Before you can learn to be independent in your own life, you must learn to be dependent on God. We are creatures of worship. Baseball is a wonderful game, but don't lose your life for mere satisfaction in baseball. These men understand that."

Ryan Slack, Pitcher in the Texas Rangers organizaton

"My names Ryne Slack and I play baseball in the Texas Rangers Organization. This past week I had the great opportunity to work with Matt and Jeff Barkley during one of their baseball camps. I really enjoyed being able to help with this camp and thought it was great for kids to learn the real fundamentals of baseball while also hearing about or savior jesus christ at the same time. That’s something you don’t really see much anymore these days and I think it’s awesome that Matt and Jeff keep that as the foundation of their camps!"